The PODERE PRETOIA is situated on the hills not far from S.Gimignano, the well known medieval town of towers, and Certaldo, the town famous for the 14th century poet Boccaccio.
There are 11 hectares of land cultivated organically, respecting the environment and its precious resources. Most of the cultivation is dedicated to vineyards for the production of local wines such as Chianti and Vernaccia. Other parts of land are dedicated to the cultivation of Olives, Ancient Fruits, Saffron and Legumes.

The tradition of hospitality at the PODERE PRETOIA dates back to ancient times, with documentation showing the oldest track of the Via Francigena, on the left of the Elsa river.
The name Pretorio comes from Praetorium and was used to indicate the places where travellers, using the public roads (curcus publicus) sheltered for refreshment and hospitality. The name PRETOIA probably evolved from Pretorio. The track from Ulignano passed by S.Maria and S.Lucia (now S.Benedetto) and down towards the Elsa valley finally reaching Badia a Elmi, a monastery founded in 1034. Nowadays only the church survives intact.


Certaldo Alto San Gimignano
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